We instruct human users to perform search queries in order to improve the metrics of your website.

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In a nutshell:

We instruct human users in your target market (country/city) to search for your booked keywords. In the search results, our users click on your website and engage with its content for a few minutes. Thereby your website's search result CTR increases as well as the interaction time on your website. The search engine receives the signal that your website is especially relevant for the keyword. These days, these user signals are a very important SEO ranking factor.

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How AutoRanker.io works:

User types keyword
1. User searches for your keyword

A carefully selected user searches for your keyword.

User types keyword
2. User clicks on your search result

In the search results, the user clicks on your website. This sends a strong signal to the search engine that your website is a very relevant result.

User types keyword
3. User is on your website

The user visits your website and interacts with its content for a few minutes. Due to the long interaction time of our users, a very positive signal is sent to the search engine.

Technical information:

All search queries are performed by pre-selected, human users. For every search query to perform, our AI technology assigns the best fitting user. Our AI uses more than 30 dynamic indicators. Our approach is very different from crowdworking campaigns, as they do not care about the user quality and the sustainability. Crowdworking campaigns outsource the tasks to foreign subcontractors who are not able to send a positive signal for your market, because of their wrong location, etc.

The crowdworking approach does not take e.g. the timing of the search query or the user search history into consideration. The crowdworkers use a VPN software to manipulate the IP address in order to simulate artificially a presence in the destination country. Therefore parameters like GPS geolocation, browser and operating system languages, WebGL and WebRTC IP do not match, which leads to invalid and useless search queries.

In contrast, our approach takes more than 30 different indicators into consideration: We check e.g. the browser fingerprint for anomalies and a match between the Web RTC IP and the external IP.
Additionally we verify the specific user location, check the IP quality and exclude proxy, VPN and data center IPs. Therefore the search queries sent by our users have a much higher quality compared to all other platforms on the market.

Our technology is the centerpiece of our service, which we developed over many years.

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AutoRanker.io is the leading provider to get more visibility, traffic and conversions from search engines.

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